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Thank you for all you do for our students...

You're an invaluable part of our programs success, and without you we would not be able to do the great work we do! 

Some books we love!

*Click the photos for the Amazon link! We also have some copies at our office, just ask to borrow them



Our site coordinators use these resources with our students. Check them out, learn more about them, and request they run a workshop for any of your classes!

1.) The MAAX Curriculum 

These lessons focus on: Academic Identity, Career Exploration, Study Skills, Time Management, College and Career Awareness, Goal Development, Personal Identity and Persistence, and College Fit

**ask a site coordinator for a sample lesson!

2.) Financial aid training

Our staff is trained on every aspect of the financial aid application process and can help any of your students. View our training here--->     

(the password is College Access)

3.) Tutoring and homework help

If a student is struggling in your class, our staff is there to help tutor students and offer homework support. Some centers even have after school hours. Check with your site coordinator for details!

4.) PSAT and SAT prep

We work with Brian Eldridge to offer test prep for all of our students free of charge.

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